Plastic mouldable & ram refractories

When castables refractories and refractory brick are simply too complicated or cumbersome and formwork is unavailable, refractory plastic mouldables are a great solution. Our expansive selection of refractory plastics can be used for a wide array of applications.

Refractories in use

Plastic refractory moldables possesses excellent strength and high density, as well as abrasion, slag and spall resistance. It is also resistant to molten metals, which makes it perfect for applications such as boiler work, forge furnaces, tundish linings, ladle linings, burner blocks and patches. The products that we carry in stock are refractory plastics which are high alumina and chemical/heat setting and include a phosphate bond as well as a heat set plastic accompanied by a clay bond.

How it is used

Product is normally placed using either a pneumatic hammer or a bricklayer’s hammer, building the material up to the approximate size that is required. The face of the plastic refractory, which is left rough on the face to enable effortless removal of moisture, is then whittled down to the exact size and shape desired. Next, the work can be vented and can either be fired directly after placement to eliminate moisture or simply allowed to sit in one spot untouched to harden. We carry the standard Heat Setting and Chemical/Heat Setting plastics and would be happy to provide dry ramming when requested.

Our offer consist of:

  • plastic mouldable refractories,
  • high alumina ramming mixes.