Central heating water treatment

Our offer contains complete set of products for central heating water treatment. Vitcas provides all kinds of products that are helpful in maintenance and fixing central heating system. Products are suitable for domestic use as well as commercial applications. 

Concentrated System Inhibitor

Concentrated system inhibitor is in a cartiridge packaging, which makes it easy to use in a central heating system. Protects against corrosion and limescale.

Concentrated System Cleaner

Concentrated System Cleaner removes limescale & other calcium and metal based remains. In a cartridge packaging to make use easier in central heating systems.

Concentrated Internal Leak Sealer

Internal Leak Sealer in a concentrated cartridge packaging which makes its use easier for sealing leaks & reducing pressure loss in central systems.

Concentrated Boiler Noise Silencer

Concentrated Boiler Noise Silencer comes in cartridge form to enable easier use. Can be used on all types of boilers to reduce noise & kettling, and increase heat transfer efficiency.

Central Heating System Inhibitor

Central Heating System Inhibitor prevents the oxidisation i.e. formation of rust on metal pipes, etc. in your central heating system. Stops corrosion & limescale too.

Central Heating System Cleaner

Central Heating System Cleaner removes debris such as rust & flux residues which can lead to corrosion. Works for new and old central heating systems.

Central Heating Leak Sealer

Central Heating Internal Leak Sealer is for reducing pressure loss in central heating system by seeking out and sealing inaccessible leaks, weeping joints and faulty pipework.

Central Heating Boiler Noise Silencer

Boiler Noise Silencer eliminates sludge deposits and limescale, reducing kettling and noise in central heating systems. In result, the boiler's heat transfer efficiency is optimised.