Fireplace & stove cleaners

Cleaning materials which will restore and maintain excellent condition and cleanliness of your fireplaces and stoves. Specifically for use in and around fireplaces, on the glass screens in stove doors, in ovens, in grills and for the removal of soot deposits in flues and chimneys. Additionally, the stove and fireplace cleaners are environmentally friendly.

Stove glass cleaner

Stove Glass Cleaner for surfaces in stoves and ovens. Quickly and effectively removes difficult stains. Leaves a bright, lasting shine on the glass and allows the surface to stay clean longer.

Vitcas® CFC Chimney & Flue Cleaner

Vitcas® CFC Chimney and Flue Cleaner is for cleaning all chimneys & flue liners including stainless steel flexible flue liners. Non-corrosive. Removes tar & soot.

Fireplace cleaner

Fireplace Cleaner for fireplaces, barbeques, ovens and grills. Removes difficult, greasy and burnt on stains. In addition, it removes soot left from bricks and black marks caused from hearths.