Heat Resistant Adhesive-Vitcas HB60

VITCAS® HB60 is a heat resistant adhesive designed for use in the construction of stoves, wood fired pizza ovens, tiled stoves and joining outdoor constructions, such as grills and fireplaces. It has a longer setting time which is easy to use and gives time to match elements.

Perfect to render over the mesh used on construction boards before the application of VITCAS® Heat Resistant Plaster. Ideal for use as a ‘dot and dab’  adhesive with high temperature plasterboards, vermiculite boards and fireplace construction boards where the surface is not particularly flat.

Heat-resistant to 750oC.
Heat Resistant Adhesive Vitcas HB 60

  • Dot and Dab adhesive - 10 kg / 2m2 based on 25 mm thick dots at 300 mm centres

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